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Unique Home Renovation

At Martinez, we are passionate and dedicated to remodel your homes and build new luxury homes. With over 16 years of experience, we have been offering unique tailored solutions for homes to look elegant and spacious. Whether it is upgrading, remodeling, renovating, adding new family rooms, or expanding bedrooms, our professional and licensed builders can transform your house the way you want.

Highly Functional and Comfortable Homes

Our specialists create or reduce spaces to make it more convenient and useful as per your requirements. We understand the need for home renovation in QLD, it can be harsh climatic conditions, families growing older, outdated designs, requisite of more space to accommodate family members, highly functional spaces, and a lot more reasons. We listen to every need of our client and provide the most suitable QLD house improvement solutions to help you have a more enjoyable space

Energy-Efficient Homes

With rising energy costs, homeowners of QLD need to look at ways to save money on energy bills by implementing energy savings HVAC systems. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) are crucial to making homes energy efficient and necessary steps to be taken to maintain an appropriate temperature inside your home. Our technicians are highly experienced in understanding the functioning of all types of HVAC brands. Installing new roofs and windows for appropriate ventilation to protect your home for long years. Home renovations in QLD not only enhances the appearance of your houses but also increase the value of your property. Besides this, adding basements and attics can be a big plus for an owner.

Hiring a renowned and skilled contractor is essential to have an aesthetically good looking house. This will help to understand designs well and time and effort can be saved. Martinez Kitchens and Maintenance offers high quality and innovative home renovation services across QLD, giving you the greatest value for money.

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