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Custom Decking Services

Decking designs, builds, repairs, maintains and restores from Martinez Kitchens and Maintenance offer quality workmanship with customization. From building decks for outdoor entertaining areas for residential and commercial spaces, adding dining and play areas, outdoor kitchens to pool decking, we offer extensive decking designs to add long-lasting beauty. For the best outcome from timber decking, we use a careful blend of the kiln and air drying to procure the appropriate moisture of timber to suit local conditions.

Ingeniously Designed Decks

We have a team of experienced and talented contractors to work on different levels of requirements, including designing two-story decks, multi-level decks, timber wood and steel decks, decks near pool or garden, and many more. We provide you ample of choices, from tropical species wood such as ironbark, Merbau, spotted gum, forest light and forest reds, pressure-treated wood, to even plastic decking. Decks are great ideas for your QLD homes and commercial spaces and let you enjoy the outdoors.

Expert Deck Designs and Builds

By exploring every possibility in your house, our deck builders of QLD can build platform decks, raised decks, two-story decks that integrate both lower and upper floors with protective railings. We generate a detailed plan of deck building that aid in utilizing variety deck designs and help you choose the right one. Making use of handy and cutting-edge tools, materials, our skilled staff discusses the project cost and time. All decks require maintenance. Oil treatment, painting, moving items like plants, furniture to prevent rotting, wiping food and drink spills immediately can help decks last for years.

Add Beauty and Ambiance to Your QLD Home

Decks not just add beauty and ambiance but increases the value of your home. Our deck builders recommend illuminating railing and staircases with soft and bright lights to create awe-inspiring atmosphere. Martinez builder team of QLD installs premier quality deck lighting products to reshape the space and style.

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