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Planning for a home renovation? Martinez Kitchens and Maintenance is a certified builder who creates exciting homes and spaces. We are passionate and committed to providing you with exceptional quality service, more functional spaces, and beautiful homes to create endless memories with your families.

Home extensions and renovations have seen an upsurge in Australia over a decade. Martinez helps in new residential developments, renovation services, build contemporary homes with beautiful color palette while including designs from popular Hamptons style, terrazzo, and others. We specialize in spectacular house designs, delivering the highest quality of workmanship, ensuring a superbly renovated home in QLD. Experienced as luxury home builders for 16 years, Martinez Home Renovation QLD listen to the needs of clients and provide each client with the customized plan to make home renovation process simpler and enjoyable.

Create Beautiful Homes in QLD

With friendly renovation packages and considering finer details, we take pride in creating beautiful homes that are built to match needs, lifestyles, and preferences of our clients. We communicate with our client by updating all the details, such as documentation, planning, designing, costs, constructing, and delivering. We liaise with our team and streamline the processes, study the scope of work, and make sure all the tiny details are covered and not to surprise you with hidden costs at the end of the project.

Customized Home Renovation to Match Every Style and Requisite

Home renovation is our passion. We thrive to make every home look appealing and stunning. With more than a decade of experience, we have individually designed diverse homes with cost-effective prices. We create captivating indoors and outdoors, home extensions, lovely landscaping gardens that inculcate luxury elements for an invigorating atmosphere. Whether it is small or big homes, our constructors and designers work to combat every challenge and do more for fewer spaces to contain multipurpose furniture, storage rooms, ingenious sliding doors, multipurpose cabinets, and so on.

We are supported by a multitude of best subcontractors and suppliers to provide great services. Get your custom QLD home renovation with modern construction methods to maximize the living space and offer other upgrades. Call us to know more about the designs and costs.

End-to-End Home Renovation and Remodeling for QLD Homes – Specialists in Creating Stylish Homes with Plenty of Functional Spaces



Primarily, clients would assess what they would like to renovate and set their priorities by making sure the clients have time and budget.


Based on the inputs from the client, we design the layout along with architectural plans to know how the renovation of your home progresses.


We source materials and start creating customized designs to create new walls, adding beams, adding frames, create new kitchens, bathrooms, and so on.


Demolishing carefully to create new spaces, at the same time ensure that the structure is strong. Also, demolish to add new spaces that can potentially fit new items.


Finally, install newly constructed cabinetry to resemble the rooms and other spaces of your home. We add finishing touches for floor sealing, light fixtures, hardware.


Kitchen Renovation

Have you thought of renovating your cramped and tiny kitchens? Need a well-designed functional kitchen that is in line with modern trends to provide appealing and proficient kitchens…

Home Renovation

At Martinez, we are passionate and dedicated to remodel your homes and build new luxury homes. With over 16 years of experience, we have been offering unique tailored solutions…

Laundry Renovation

Are you having a spot for laundry and looking for QLD laundry renovation specialists to re-size accordingly? If you have sufficient space, a great laundry room with storage cabinets…


Martinez Kitchens and Maintenance is an innovative Australian firm offering a range of renovations and cabinet making services. With more than 16 years of experience in the same domain, Martinez was established with a passion to create modern and luxurious homes with custom-made designs that exceeds expectation of each client. We aim at delivering top-quality designs with competitive prices.

We are specialized in designing practical, functional, and innovative homes including kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry areas that speak luxury. We have a team of subcontractors who supply, support, and provide unique workmanship constructions to fit the needs of clients. We follow principles of honesty and openness in exchange for services and adhere to higher standards of working. We operate with utmost care, professionalism and respect for our clients and environment to recycle the materials in every possible way.

At Martinez Kitchens and Maintenance, we take time to listen and understand the requirements, plan a layout, design and deliver the solution. With extensive experience and knowledge in renovating residences, we procure timber products from topnotch manufacturers and suppliers who never compromise on quality. Apart from this, we offer a wide range of joinery installation and cabinet making services by considering all aspects of your property.

Specialist Home Renovations and Cabinet Making Company – Modern Renovation Designs to Create Stunning Homes of Your Choice



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